Rome: eternal beauty

Sublime because Rome is not only beautiful, unique, wonderful.

It is so much more. And the apartments you find on this site are also part of a collection of beautiful, unique, and wonderful homes. But not only.

Sublime Rome carefully chooses the apartments to present and represent, defines the standards regarding the services offered to guests, helps the owners in the management of all aspects of hospitality. With the intention of giving the best in each apartment, respecting its uniqueness.

Sublime Rome is a kept promise.

Each apartment is special inside. But also outside.

For us at Sublime Rome, “walking distance” is not a way to say, it is a mantra. Rome is large, multifaceted, it offers unexpected beauties even when you don’t think of it. But each apartment of ours gives you one more reason, just around the corner,  to love this city: a monument, a secret location, a workshop, a detail to be kidnapped by, which only a few know. For this reason, in our apartments, you will not only find the comforts, style, and charm, but also the instructions for mini-tours to walk by, a few roads to get lost and find yourself. Enriched inside.

Our choices, offers, tailor-made tours give you the chance to immerse yourself in the daily life of this city not as a tourist but as a cultured and refined traveler, able to get into the spirit that surrounds him. These are our ways to make you feel at home. But pampered at all times. Sublime Rome is a kept promise. A journey within the journey. The port of every arrival, the royal palace of every day.

Which home looks like you?

Now open the door of the collection, and start dreaming.

Casa Minerva al Pantheon
casa navona
Un appartamento a Piazza Navona
Una splendida terrazza
Un delizioso appartamento a Campo de Fiori